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Classroom Teacher Project

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To the Teacher:

We are giving away a limited number of iProm!se Classroom Packs (25 bracelets, full sized contract that can be duplicated, and tips on Lesson Plans for setting individual and classroom goals).  Thank you for considering the iProm!se bracelet for a classroom incentive for your students! These bracelets are perfect for a classroom goal setting exercise – the bracelets can be given out the first day to serve as a reminder to each student to keep their promise to achieve the goal!  

The bracelet stretches to say “No Matter What I’m Keeping My Promise”. You can use the iProm!se contract that is included in this pack to document the classroom goals that are set and to have each student to sign, showing their commitment to the promise. Students have individual contracts that they can complete, simply open up the bracelet package to see the iProm!se contract. We recommend using 30 days as a length of time to have the students wear the bracelet and monitor the progress toward keeping the promise. This gives them a great start on the achievement of the goal(s)!

iPromise Project and the iProm!se bracelet are not affiliated in any way with the UNC School of Education, however, there are some lesson plans from LearnNC that you may want to use and adapt to include the iProm!se bracelet and the iProm!se personal contract (particularly if you are a North Carolina teacher):

Lesson Plans that work well with the iProm!se bracelet and Goal Setting from Teaching and Learning: http://www.learnnc.org (from the UNC School of Education)

Creating Community in the Classroom: Part 1: Setting Goals

Part 2: Cooperative Planning

Part 3: Monitoring Progress

Part 4: Rewarding Improvement

If you would like to be a part of our project, please email me and let me know how many bracelets you need for your class - we are giving away a limited number of classroom packs.  All we ask in return is some feedback on how the bracelets help motivate your students to achieve individual and/or classroom goals! We are interested in any feedback and would love to feature your story on our website.  Again, please email me for more information:  pamela@ipromiseproject.com


Pamela Thompson
CEO I Promise Project LLC

This works best for 1st through 6th grade, the bracelets will be size "Small" with a few mediums. 

The classroom pack comes with the larger version of the iProm!se contract:


Bracelets are "No Matter What" (anchor and sparrow, Charlotte Panter colors blue and black) and the neon green "Never Give Up" (infinity symbol)


         Bracelet stretches to say:                       Bracelet stretches to say:

        No Matter What I'm Keeping             To never give up, to get back up
                  my Promise!                            when I fall down, and to be better
                                                                           than I was yesterday!


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