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College and Career Readiness: The Common Core Standards for Education and I Promise Project

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A majority of states in the US have now adopted the Common Core State Standards for education.  One primary purpose of these standards is to increase the college and career readiness of our high school students.  This preparation can start as early as elementary school!  According to ACT, a national non-profit achievement testing organization:

The Standards can identify rigorous learning outcomes, but the real work of meeting those expectations rests in the day-to-day efforts in our classrooms.  That work can only succeed if everyone agrees on the goal. ACT research suggests that the inconsistent and sometimes alarmingly low expectations held by our nation’s educators regarding what students can achieve academically pose a serious challenge to meeting Common Core’s goal of having all students college and career ready no later than the end of high school.

Can a simple t-shirt help? Yes! Studies show that wearing a reminder of a goal or a commitment can provide daily reinforcement for not only the "wearer" but also anyone that happens to see the message.  Our "Future Graduate" or "Whoo's Going to College" tees are not only fun but they also get students sights set on graduating and going to college (two year, four year, trade school, etc.) - or entering an exciting career that they have prepared for.  

Let me know if your school would like to hear more about I Promise Project and the iProm!se bracelets or tees, and how your school can use this unique product for both fundraising AND support of the College and Career Readiness Common Core Standards - we can customize the products with your school logos and colors.  Email Pamela Thompson at pamela@ipromiseproject.com or visit I Promise Project to learn more about our products and iProm!se programs.

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Dr. Pamela Thompson
College Professor
Founder, I Promise Project LLC

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