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Custom Bracelet Projects: How They Work

It is easy to have a custom bracelet and packaging designed for your fundraiser with iProm!se bracelets and iPromise Project!  We have worked with groups all over the United States and Canada to support  fundraising for a unique variety of causes!  Use the convenient form to notify us and we can have our quality, custom designed webbed bracelets to you with your design and your custom packaging with your fundraising message in as litte as two weeks!

Here is how it works:

1)  You let us know what you would like on your bracelet

2)  We send you three "looks" using your design guidelines

3)  You pick the design(s) you like - we can make minor refinements to get it right

4)  You let us know what you want the product card to say - we work with the bracelet design and your message and send you the product card for approval.  You can get a donor to fund the bracelets and your donor's business logo can be placed on the card for advertising and support of your cause!

5)  You order the number of smalls, mediums, and larges you want - let us know if you want circle, star or heart key rings.

6)  As soon as the order is ready for manufacturing, you pay the wholesale price and bracelets are immediately put into production in our US factory using American made webbing!  We put all the finishing touches on the bracelets right in Salisbury, North Carolina and package and ship them to you in approximately two weeks from the time the order is placed (expediting is possible).

7)  You sell the bracelets to support your fundraiser (we have tips)!

Take a look at the many projects we have completed - we LOVE to work with fundraisers and are very proud of the causes we have helped support!



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